Singapore: First day, local breakfast, Fort Canning Park and Marina Bay

Managed to get a reasonable sleep last night after being awake for 22 hours (no sleep on the plane for me), Lisa was not so lucky. We wandered for a bit and found a cheap cafe / eating house and had a traditional Singaporean breakfast of kaya toast very soft-boiled eggs and sweet coffee with condensed milk  The locals here don’t speak much English as we are not staying in a very touristy part of town but are very friendly. The cafe owner insisted on taking a photo of us with two of his staff, we are obviously quite the novelty.

We then caught the amazing train system (super easy even for tourists) into town and had a wander around, ducking into shopping malls when we needed to escape the heat. We walked through Fort Canning Park which was very peaceful and a nice break from the bustle and then got the train again to Marina Bay which is quite the spectacle. Lunch at the shopping mall there which almost seemed like a city in itself and then had a walk around the gardens there.

Headed back to our hotel as all the walking we have done in the heat is hard work. Heading out to get dinner soon – another local delicacy which is Frog Porridge.