Singapore: Hot and sticky

Our flights and immigration went smoothly. The Sri Lankan gentleman next to us on the plane thought we were Swedish (which I’m taking as a compliment, since Swedes are beautiful people). We also had to try the free Singapore Sling cocktail on our flight, and I think I’ve found my new gin-based obsession when we get home.

Singapore Slings!

Arriving in Singapore, we were immediately hit with the heat and the humidity. This I had expected, but what I hadn’t expected was the strange and almost sickly-sweet smell that Singapore has as a result.

From the airport, we jumped on the MRT train – the only white people on it!! – and made our way to our hotel. We are staying in Geylang, the red light district of Singapore. It was about 10pm when we walked through, but we didn’t see any red-lighting. Geylang is somewhat grungy, and I think I quite like it.

The view from our hotel in Geylang, Singapore

Today, we’ll make a trip into the more glamorous city centre. Matt has slept much better than me, so I’m relying on him to make all of the smart decisions today.