Singapore: Nature walks

The last few days have felt so hectic that Matt and I haven’t had the energy to write about them!

Our last couple of days in Singapore were great. Our frog porridge (that Matt mentioned in the last post) was delicious, although it was difficult to suck the frog meat off the bones without making a huge mess. The frog tasted like a cross between chicken and fish.

Frog porridge (rice porridge and frogs cooked in soy sauce and chilli) from Michelin-recommended Eminent Frog Porridge.

On the day before we left for Vietnam, we visited the MacRitchie Reservoir in the morning (before it got too hot – it was a balmy 28 degrees when we went). It was well worth the hour-long trip to get there. We saw macaques, squirrels, turtles, bright red dragonflies, and a monitor lizard – all a big novelty for us.


Then, we stopped by the Botanic Gardens, which were equally impressive. We got caught in a really heavy thunderstorm that lasted about 45 minutes.

Matt getting up close and personal with red-ear turtles in Singapore’s Botanic Gardens.
The thunderstorm while we were visiting the Botanic Gardens.

In the afternoon, we visited the ION Orchard tower, a very upmarket hotel and shopping mall, with the hope of visiting their free observation deck on the 56th floor, but it was closed for an art exhibition (next time!).

In the evening, we visited Chinatown, and bought some delicious street food – the best food we had in Singapore. Something that has stuck with me is the street vendor shared some of his Eastern worldview – he and his wife always sit beside each other when eating. This is because they know each other so well that they don’t need reminding of the other person’s face – and they are going in the same direction together. This is in contrast to the Western ‘confrontational’ style of sitting opposite each other.

Buddha Tooth Temple in Chinatown, Singapore.

On our last day in Singapore, for breakfast we visited ‘Guru Nice Bakery’, for a small taste of Western food. It still had a Singaporean twist – everything seemed to be covered in chicken floss (think candy floss with a sugary chicken flavour). It was surprisingly good, and the pastry was some of the best I’ve ever had.

Our flight to Hanoi in Northern Vietnam went smoothly. We’ll post about Hanoi when we’ve regained our energy.