Nha Trang

We’ve spent one night in Nha Trang. Our hotel is very comfortable. This is the first time that we have had a shower with a curtain/door. Vietnamese consider their bathrooms ‘wet rooms’ and when you shower, water covers the whole bathroom floor.

The view from our hotel.

Nha Trang is nice but very touristy, and there is very little free/cheap stuff to do here. At least we haven’t been pestered as much by people wanting to sell things. The main targets are probably the rich-looking tourists staying in the fancy hotels.

We’re still working on our selfie skills. Nha Trang beach.

Later today, we catch the bus to Da Lat (4 hours). Apparently it is safe to drink the water in Da Lat. Our water filter takes about 10 minutes for 1 litre so we are looking forward to a break from that!