Dalat: Cable cars and waterfalls

Today we took the cable car down to the Truc Lam pagoda. Unfortunately, we forgot that Vietnamese working hours tend to include a break between 11.30am and 1.30pm. We arrived at the top of the cable car at 11am, which meant that there was no time to explore the pagoda. We’ve visited a lot of pagodas here though, so we’re not too disappointed.

After our cable car ride, we walked the 4.5km down to the Datlana waterfall. (The Vietnamese don’t seem to ever walk anywhere; they either drive or scooter, so we must have looked nuts to them!) The waterfall is beautiful – not as polluted as the other waterways in Dalat – and well worth the trip.

For a late lunch, we visited the Super-C shopping mall – our first shopping mall in Vietnam. We were relieved to find a massive supermarket (more like K-Mart merged with a supermarket) to pick up some snacks. There don’t seem to be supermarkets in Vietnam, but there are lots of convenience stores. Prices at these convenience stores are rarely listed, so you have to ask the staff how much an item is, which can be challenging with our limited Vietnamese and their limited English!

The cafe above the Super-C shopping mall.

Tomorrow, we fly to Ho Chi Minh, where we will stay for two nights, before we leave for Phnom Penh in Cambodia. As you can probably tell by the change of tone in our posts, the novelty of Vietnam has worn off a bit now. A lot of people are friendly, but a lot of people aren’t. It’s totally understandable – there is a lot of recent history between Vietnam and the West – but it makes the trip less enjoyable. We’re looking forward to a change of culture in Cambodia.