Bangkok: Back to Westernisation

Matt and I landed safely in Bangkok the night before last. Our first impressions are good, and it is a big contrast to Cambodia. The people here seem nicer and more happy to help you, the roads are cleaner and easier to walk, there is efficient and easy-to-navigate public transport (luxury!). All the benefits of being a richer country.

We spent yesterday exploring the Chatuchak weekend market. It is the largest market in Thailand, and covers a whopping 27 acres of land. It is divided up into 27 sections for different goods: books, clothing, handcrafts, etc. Despite the huge number of stalls, we didn’t see too much repetition. We explored maybe one-eighth of it, bought a few souvenirs, and tried some of the yummy foods on offer.

Chatuchak weekend market: It goes on like this for miles.
Coconut icecream with coconut flesh and roasted pumpkin from the market – so delicious.

We are staying in a very non-touristy part of town, and there are hardly any dinner options near our apartment. But there is a sushi place opposite us, so we went there last night, expecting something similar to what we get in NZ, but it was so much better than that. We think they might have messed up our order, but we got a big bowl of sashimi for less than $20 NZD – salmon, roe, octopus, squid, eel, other fish that we didn’t recognise… and it was soooo good. We feel like we should be eating Thai food here, but because Thailand is so influenced by other Asian cultures, it’s a good opportunity to experience other cuisines here too.

Tonight we are going to Bangkok’s waterfront to watch the New Year’s fireworks. We think we’ve found a spot that won’t be too crowded – fingers crossed!