Bangkok: By Boat

Yesterday, we visited some of Bangkok’s famous attractions via a boat along the Chao Phraya river.

We walked the periphery of the King’s Palace, but decided not to go in, because it cost about $25 NZD per person, and was packed full of tourists and annoying tour groups.

We also visited the Wat Pho and the Wat Arun. The Wat Pho also had a hefty cover charge of $10 NZD each so we again wandered around the outside. We’ve seen heaps of temples by now, and while they are all amazing, there’s not much new to see in them.

In the evening, we visited the Ratchaduk night market. After Chatachuk Market on our first day, this market seemed small and uninteresting… Except that I finally got to eat some insects! We tried the grasshoppers – they were really delicious and had a great texture. I couldn’t quite bring myself to order the silk worms, because they looked like giant maggots…

We start our long flight home this afternoon. There is a tropical storm due to hit southern Thailand this evening, and we are hoping that it won’t affect our travel. See you soon, NZ!