Home, sweet home!

After about 25 hours of travel and layovers, Matt and I arrived safely home.

The sky here in Wellington is so blue, really noticeable after our month in smog pollution and dusty haze.

Marlborough Sounds, during our flight into Wellington.

It was good to have a reminder of how lucky we are in New Zealand. The things I missed the most were being able to:

  • Flush toilet paper (SE Asia sewerage system can’t cope with paper)
  • Drink water straight from the tap
  • Brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush – they feel so much smoother now!

Our bottled water consumption over 6 days in Thailand. Fourteen 1.5L bottles and another few 500ml bottles. So. Much. Plastic. Many local families don’t have water filters in their home, so buy bottled water like we did.
To reduce our plastic use, we travelled with a portable water filter, but it broke about two weeks into our trip.

So, that’s all for this blog about our trip. We’ve treated this a bit like a diary, more for us to look back on than for anyone else to read! But if you have been following it, thanks for your interest, and we hope it’s been interesting to you as well.